The administrative head of Forest Department is the Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF). The Forest Department is divided into 4 wings considering magnitude of the works and line of jurisdiction. Each wing is administered by a Deputy Chief Conservator of Forest (DCCF).

The Wings are:
Forest Management Wing
Social Forestry Wing
Planning Wing
Education and Training Wing
There are 9 Circles in the Forest Department, each circle is headed by a Conservator of Forest (CF).
The Circles are:
5- Forest Management Circles
3-Social Forest Circles and
1-Wildlife and Nature Conservation Circle
Similarly there are 44 Forest Divisions, each division is headed by a Divisional Forest officer (DFO) / (DCF)
24-Forest Management Divisions
13-Social Forest Divisions
4-Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation Divisions and
3-Management Plan Divisions

Administrative units of the Forest Department under revenue budget.
# Name of units/offices No. of units/offices
1 Office of the Chief Conservator of Forests 1
2 Office of the Deputy Chief Conservator of Forests 4
3 Office of Conservator of Forests/Circle Office 9
4 Office of the Divisional Forest Officer/ Forest Division 41
5 Management Plan Division 3
6 Botanical Garden (Dhaka and Chittagong) 2
7 Forestry Development Training Centre, Kaptai 1
8 Forest Academy, Chittagong 1
9 Forestry Science & Technology Institute (FSTI) (Sylhet, Rajshahi, and Chittagong) 3
10 RIMS-GIS Unit 1
11 Social Forestry zone 41
12 Protected Areas 38
13 Range 255
14 Beat 672
15 Check Station 57
16 Social Forestry Nursery Training Centre 98
17 Social Forestry Plantation Centre 341

Manpower Summery
# Designation Nos.
1 Chief Conservator of Forest 1
2 Deputy Chief Conservator of Forest 4
3 Conservator of Forest 11
4 Assistant Chief Conservator of Forest 5
5 Deputy Conservator of Forest 63
6 Assistant Conservator of Forest 160
7  First Class Other Officers 53
8 Second Class Officers
9 Third Class Staffs
10 Fourth Class Staffs
Grand Total 10,124